Dear Santa... 

Dear Santa
Dear Santa



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Dear Santa...
Singapura On the Go - Part 2 One Special Day
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jjfamily, the one and only


Posted on Wed 15 Dec 2010 0:20



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Wish ͧ ѡ -_- ͧͧ ˹ҧ蹪ͺѹ ( ^^)

Merry Christmas
Tue 28 Dec 2010 1:20 [7]

No problem ka P'Anchan. I've got no problem at all. ^^
Thu 16 Dec 2010 13:39 [6]

It seems Jetty has taken matters into his own hands. :) He's a big boy now. Kids are growing too quickly we can't even afford to blink. Next year I'm sure he'll even pen his own letter to Father Christmas.

Speaking of letters, I think one of the best gifts this holiday season will be the second letter you posted. Big congrats to you all, especially to Jamie. :)

Please pardon my occasional comments in English naka nong Jib. I can't for the life of me learn how to type on iPhone Thai keyboard. It's way too complicated. I hope you don't mind.
Wed 15 Dec 2010 22:40 [5]

㨨ѧ ա˹굵

ӵ͹ ѧاҹҡͧѭͧ굵 5555
Wed 15 Dec 2010 21:42 [4]

ʴԹմ¤ФйͧԺ..-ͧ ç¹ǡѹ..¡ѹ ѡչ ա˹¤-Ѻ ͧ͡

䧴 Ҵ仴¨ԧ 鹷仡 ФФسͧ

Wed 15 Dec 2010 14:46 [3]

Թմ¤ 觹ͧͧѹ· Ǵըԧ
Wed 15 Dec 2010 11:04 [2]

ѡѧ¤ : )
Wed 15 Dec 2010 9:21 [1]